Alisha Marie

Alisha is a professional photographer specializing in wedding, corporate event, family portrait, commercial product, on-location special event, and studio photography. Working in the high-end, fast-paced Las Vegas wedding and event industry, Alisha has shot countless weddings and events from simple ceremonies to extravagant affairs.  Her photography is about creating fine art from life’s most memorable moments - if that involves scaling the side of a building or getting her elbows a little dirty, Alisha doesn’t let obstacles get in her way of capturing her vision. While she makes her home is Las Vegas, Alisha often travels between Utah, California, and other locales to meet the needs and desires of her clients. 


Alisha’s career as a professional photographer began in 2012 when she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from Brigham Young University, where she received full training in studio and on-location photography. Her interest in photography and visual arts, however, started much earlier in her youth as she explored different techniques and cultivated her creativity while growing up in San Diego. Alisha thrives on her interactions with people and she maintains a positive, energetic, and upbeat atmosphere when shooting. Her confidence in her abilities leaves her clients comfortable, relaxed, and confident, which is reflected in the beauty of her photographs.